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FREE LOUISE MICHEL Ⓐ solidarity and resistance

FREE LOUISE MICHEL Ⓐ solidarity and resistance

  • https://mvlouisemichel.org
  • https://twitter.com/mvlouisemichel
  • 25.03.2023 - https://twitter.com/MVLouiseMichel/status/1639695439766200327
    "During the Disembarkation on Lampedusa in the early morning, we were already informed that our ship is being detained due to violation of the new Italian decree. We still await the official statement and we are ready to fight it, in Solidarity And Resistance."

    26.03.2023 - https://twitter.com/MVLouiseMichel/status/1639926551067213824
    "24h after being told that our ship is detained, we still do not have an official written justification for the detention. We know of dozens of boats in distress right in front of the island at this very moment, yet we are being prevented from assisting. This is unacceptable!
    European authorities are fully aware of people in distress in their SAR zone. Still, they block Louise Michel from leaving port and rendering assistance. Several lives were lost in 2 shipwrecks yesterday. These deaths are not an accident nor a tragedy. They are wanted."

    27.03.2023 - https://twitter.com/MVLouiseMichel/status/1640313610722238464
    "Louise Michel blocked for 20 days after multiple rescues. On Saturday morning 180 people disembarked on Lampedusa after four rescue operations. The Crew had responded earlier to several Mayday relay calls from a Frontex aircraft about people in immediate need of assistance.
    Yesterday afternoon we eventually received the official notification that the ship is detained for 20 days due to violation of the new Italian decree law. We will take all necessary steps to fight this detention.
    The only aim of the decree law is the blockage of Rescue ships, willingly taking into account the deaths of people on the move."
    31.03.2023 - https://twitter.com/MVLouiseMichel/status/1641882902462865409
    Europe's Fight against People on the Move

    "The only purpose of Italy's new hostile decree law, by which the Louise Michel is now detained, is to stop people on the move from reaching a safe port and to keep civil ships from rescuing.

    The work of rescue NGOs has been an important factor in the past, not only to rescue people in distress at sea, but also to monitor and document Europe’s deadly border policies.

    To force ships into port immediately after the first rescue is not for the well-being of the survivors, but to reduce urgently needed rescue capacities and to prevent important documentation of human rights violations at sea.

    It is not only Italy's new right-wing government working systematically to implement an even harsher border regime, Germany is also about to implement a law to restrict small rescue assets.

    The EU continues to enable the so-called Libyan coast guard to intercept people on the move in front of Libyan shores. Whilst these armed Libyan vessels continuously, and violently, threaten civil rescue ships and harass people on the move, forcing them back to torture camps.

    These attacks against human rights must stop. It is everybody's right to live a free and safe life. The freedom to move via safe routes is the only way forward."
    13.04.2023 - https://twitter.com/MVLouiseMichel/status/1646552407072034816
    2023: Deadliest Quarter for People on the Move in the Central Mediterranean Since 2017

    "In the first three months of 2023, at least 441 lives have already been lost during the crossing of the deadliest border in the world. This is a new high since 2017.

    The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that over 20,000 people have died on this route since 2014, and the actual number of fatalities is most probably much higher.

    The Italian government has just declared a state of emergency, allowing the right wing government even more power to implement policies against people seeking safety.

    The IOM has highlighted that delayed state rescue actions have contributed to the high death toll, with over 127 lives lost in six shipwrecks this year due to such delays. All while ships like #LouiseMichel are detained and NGOs are being restricted in their rescue operations

    The emergency is with the state of human rights for people at sea. It is the result of a political agenda that is fighting migration and targeting people on the move.

    It's time for the EU to take measures to coordinate search and rescue operations and protect human rights of everyone at sea and on land. It's time for actions to ensure those in distress at sea are rescued and protected."

    12.05.2023 - https://twitter.com/MVLouiseMichel/status/1656940711835516929
    "The Louise Michel is preparing to go back at sea.

    Following the last rescue operation our ship was detained for 20 days by Italian Authorities. The accusation: Rescuing too many people.

    Not only is the far right Italian government working hard to restrict private rescue vessels in the Mediterranean sea, but the German flag state, under which the Louise Michel is registered, has again raised the crewing requirements for our already highly over-certified crew.

    Finding additional engineers with the right certificates lead to additional delay in getting back out at sea, while every day we hear from people in distress and shipwrecks just about 100 miles south of us.

    This has nothing to do with safety. This has nothing to do with qualifications. This is a border regime putting all of its efforts into letting people drown and keeping those in solidarity from intervening.

    We will not stop until this cruel fortress named Europe has a political solution that respects the basic human rights of everyone, regardless of nationality or status. For the Freedom of Movement for All!
    Solidarity And Resistance."

    16.05.2023 - https://twitter.com/MVLouiseMichel/status/1658524928809762830
    "After being blocked for 20 days following the last rescue operation, for rescuing too many people, the Louise Michel is back in the Mediterranean Sea. We stand in Solidarity with all people on the move, ready to respond to anyone in distress.

    Nobody should be left to die while on their way to a peaceful and free life, the fight for freedom of movement is not over until everyone’s basic human rights are respected, at sea and on land. "

    "It might seem incredible there is a need for a private emergency vessel in one of Europe’s busiest waterways, but there is. In response to people trying to cross the Mediterranean in search of safety, European states stopped reacting properly to distress calls from people on the move, leaving them to drift at sea and collaborating with armed forces to illegally prevent them from crossing. Europe’s Mediterranean border is the world’s deadliest.

    The MV Louise Michel and our team of activists and volunteers actively resist the discriminatory power structures of nationalism, racism, patriarchy and capitalism. The MV Louise Michel intends to uphold maritime law by rescuing anyone in peril without prejudice. In solidarity with people on the move, we are working against any policy that willingly lets people drown at sea. We are fighting for freedom of movement for everyone, because as Louise Michel said, “Something besides charity is needed in order to provide bread for everyone.” Humanitarian aid alone is not the answer.

  • Donate to provide funding for this work, tackle bureaucratic hurdles and fight legal cases.
  • Help spread the word about these inhumane policies. #FreedomOfMovementForAll
  • Crew: if you align with our goals, please contact us via crewing[at]mvlouisemichel.org

  • The people who die at sea are not unlucky casualties of the elements. This situation is not a natural disaster. It is created by political decisions and a failure of humanity and solidarity. It cannot be solved by lifeboats. If we want to sustainably stop the drowning, we have to stop forcing people onto these boats. So, if you want to contribute:
  • Speak up against racism.
  • Join movements for decolonisation, climate justice and against capitalism.
  • Take any kind of action to defend global respect for human rights and all forms of life, near or far.

  • How societies manage migration is a complex issue that involves us all. But it should never be one that casually dispenses the death penalty."



    A high-speed lifeboat that patrols the Mediterranean

    The MV Louise Michel is a former French Navy boat we’ve customized to perform search and rescue. Measuring 30 meters in length and capable of up to 28 knots, she was bought with proceeds from the sale of Banksy artwork - who then decorated her with a fire extinguisher. She is operated and crewed by a team of activist rescue professionals drawn from across Europe.

    Named after the French anarchist
    Louise Michel, she aims to combine lifeguarding with the principles of feminism,
    anti-racism and anti-fascism.
    She runs on a flat hierarchy and a vegan diet."

    »Mon grand-père me dit: Nous ferons ton bateau
    Avec du cœur de chêne et ce sera très beau.
    Car c'est une frégate.«
    Louise Michel: Mémoires (1886)


    SARA MARDINI - GEGEN DEN STROM - kinotermine und sonderveranstaltungen
    u. a.
  • 25.04.2023 um 18 uhr in potsdam – thalia kino babelsberg
    in kooperation mit amnesty international potsdam + seebrücke potsdam
  • 17.05.2023 um 21:45 uhr in berlin – freiluftkino hasenheide
    in anwesenheit von Sara Mardini und Seán Binder
    + in kooperation mit wir packen’s an, resqship, SOS humanity und sea-watch

  • 26 März, 2023 - 22:11